Hospital-related injuries, accidents and fatalities are not unique to Pennsylvania residents. There are medical patients across the United States who suffer harm due to negligence among healthcare personnel. A lawsuit filed against Tennessee doctors who operated on a patient’s wrong kidney is an example of how easy it is for medical staff to make mistakes.

Two Tennessee doctors swore under oath that they performed the wrong procedure on a Jackson Tennessee woman. The woman got scheduled for surgery on one kidney, but the doctors operated on the other kidney. The doctors, who worked at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, cited a poorly functioning electronic whiteboard as the reason for the botched surgery. These circumstances led to the woman filing a $20 million-plus medical malpractice lawsuit, according to the Tennessean.

The woman passed away from heart complications within months of filing the lawsuit. Allegedly, the woman’s death is not related to the kidney operation. In lieu of the woman’s death, the lawsuit remains in effect. In situations like this, the next of kin can continue to pursue litigation. The woman has two children who continue to pursue the case on behalf of their mother. Hospital officials at VUMC assert that the facility uses the latest medical equipment and procedures in addition to following the best practices.

The untimely death of the patient shows that a medical facility that uses cutting-edge technology does not eliminate hazards. In other words, it does not protect patients from the high cost of human error. When a patient faces a possible medical malpractice situation, it might be worthwhile to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney.