Pennsylvania residents who live in nursing facilities expect a certain level of care from their caregivers. However, as a recent incident at a Pennsylvania facility illustrates, staff errors or negligence may result in serious injuries or even death.

Becker’s Hospital Review reports that a child died at a nursing facility in Allentown. The staff failed to respond promptly to an emergency alarm that rang for nearly 20 minutes. The 14-year-old boy’s oxygen level fell drastically, and he died. Later, The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services revoked the facility’s license.

Guideline Failures

State guidelines require that nursing facilities verbally report a death within 12 hours. Afterward, a written report must be submitted within 24 hours. In this instance, the child abuse hotline received a call about the young boy several weeks after he passed away. This contributed to the nursing facility being cited for negligence, misconduct, mistreatment and abuse.

The nursing facility encountered a similar incident a year prior. A residential patient’s life was threatened when pediatric personnel did not respond quickly to an emergency alarm. The young patient suffered a temporary heart stoppage.

A Standard of Care

Residential patients deserve optimal care from their nursing facilities. Unfortunately, staff negligence occurs, which sometimes results in a patient sustaining harm or losing his or her life. Individuals or loved ones who have experienced such personal injury or wrongful death may have legal recourse.