One of the most common medical mistakes is a prescription error. There have always been jokes about the horrible handwriting of doctors, but in reality, horrible handwriting could have devastating consequences. If a pharmacist or other medical professional cannot read what a doctor writes in regards to a medication, it could lead to incorrect medicine, dosages or other issues with the misuse of medication. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue of the medical industry in Pennsylvania with e-prescriptions.

As HIT Consultant explains, an e-prescription allows a doctor to prescribe medications via electronic means, which means the doctor does not have to write out prescriptions. This removes the chances of not being able to read what is written or misunderstanding a written prescription or instructions.

In addition, it is typical for e-prescriptions to be sent from the doctor to the pharmacy, so there is less of a chance of it falling into the wrong hands or being lost. This is ideal when there is a concern over someone selling a prescription or not getting the medication because of forgetting to drop it off at the pharmacy. It also connects the pharmacists directly to the doctor, so if there are any questions, it is easier to ask them.

Accuracy overall has seen an increase of about 64% in three years. Prescriptions are more secure, and mistakes are easier to avoid. For you, this means you are more likely to get the proper medication and instructions. Plus, it takes less time for you to deal with getting a prescription. This information is for education and is not legal advice.