Do I have a chance to win a medical malpractice suit?

Taking a malpractice lawsuit against a medical professional may be a very long and unexpected ride. Chances are you are entitled to receiving financial compensation, or the doctor was right, and you are wasting your time. To determine the truth behind medical malpractice, you need to get the help of an attorney that is well versed in medical terms and laws.

An excellent attorney will be of help in trying to prove that you received negligent service. The negligence doesn’t need to be intentional so that you can file a malpractice suit. Just the simple mistakes may ensure you receive decent financial compensation. Your lawyer will be of tremendous help in trying to decode the medical terms that will often fly around the court as you argue it out. They will ensure that the information is very easy for both the judge and the jury to understand.

Your success may also be dependent on your location of residence. State such as Pennsylvania, New York, and California are hotspots when it comes to medical malpractice payout. However, you need to make your claim before the statute of limitations is over. In Pennsylvania, the period is two years from when you discover the injury. The state also has an additional statute for any cases after March 2002, which allows you to report an incident up to seven years down the line from when you first discovered the injury. If you find out the damage more than seven years later, you may not charge the medical provider with malpractice.

This information is only for educational purposes. Do not consider it as legal advice.