Falls in the hospital may seem like something that should never happen, but the reality is they occur all too often. The worst thing is that most are completely preventable.

At Marzella & Associates, we understand that if you suffer a fall during a hospital stay, you deserve proper representation to seek compensation. We want to help you understand why you should fight for your rights after a hospital fall.

How they happen

Falls can happen quite easily when you are not in the best of health. Whether you are physically weak or suffering from dizzy spells, you are at an increased risk for a fall, and it is important to understand that one out of every three falls will cause a serious injury.

Most of the time when falls happen it is because there is inadequate staff to help. The facility may not have enough workers or they may fail to provide you with assistance when you ask. They may also happen because a worker does not follow proper protocols when assisting you.

How you can fight back

When the hospital was negligent, whether through not providing proper care or not ensuring workers had proper training, it becomes liable for any injuries that you suffer due to a fall in its facility. You can seek compensation for your additional medical costs associated with the fall injury and with any other expenses that occur due to the fall, such as a loss of wages due to having to take more time off work.

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