If you have to stay in a hospital, you should feel confident that the staff will provide you with the care you need while helping you recover your health. Unfortunately, some patients suffer serious injuries while in a hospital because of a fall. These falls can result in lengthier hospital stays, disabilities, and possibly even death.

Why does a hospital fall happen? It may help to understand what you go through during a hospital stay. According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are a number of reasons why a hospital patient might fall.

The hospital is unfamiliar to you

It is one thing to stay home sick or injured on your living room sofa or in your bedroom. It is another matter if you are in a hospital room in a building that you may have never visited before. You do not understand the layout of the building, so you need help from nurses to find out where to go. If you try to explore the hospital on your own, you might risk a fall simply because you do not know about hazards to avoid.

You have recently taken medicine

Taking medicine may induce a number of side effects like dizziness. This would make it inadvisable to walk since you may lose your balance. Your medication may also make you confused. Walking around the hospital while you feel hazy or unsure of where you are can slow down your reaction time. You may also misjudge your steps and end up tripping and falling.

You have not recovered enough

Your illness or injury has probably weakened you. Getting out of bed to walk any distance is likely not an option for you. This is something your doctor or nurses should let you know about before you try. They should explain how your recovery will work, including the exercises and diets you need to recover your strength. Even tests and treatments may weaken you for a time and you will have to wait for the effects to pass.

These elements of a hospital experience can open the way for a fall. This is why a hospital staff should make sure you have access to what you need and that you can call for assistance if you require it.