When your doctor tells you that you need a prescription for your condition, you expect that you will receive the proper medicine from your local pharmacy. Unfortunately, some people end up with an incorrect prescription drug and suffer serious health consequences after taking it. Fortunately, tall man lettering may prevent a dangerous mix-up of your medication.

Sometimes pharmacists confuse one prescription drug for another. This may happen if the drug names are similar. Tall man lettering offers a way to better distinguish drug names.

How tall man lettering works

Elements explain that tall man lettering is a way to stylize certain letters in a drug name by capitalizing them. This is to draw attention to dissimilar aspects of drug names that have nearly identical spellings. For instance, you might look at the drug names vinblastine and vincristine and see little difference between them. However, if you read the names as vinBLAStine and vinCRIStine, it is easier to tell them apart.

Drug manufacturers may add other touches to tall man lettering such as bolding the capitalized letters or adding color to them. The intended effect is that pharmacists will look at the lettering and better discern which drug you should have.

Use tall man lettering to confirm your medicine

Receiving a bottle with tall man lettering on the label alerts you to the fact that your prescription medicine has a similar name to one or more drugs. You may take the opportunity to ask your doctor about your medicine to confirm that the drug is the correct one for your condition. Given the possibly dangerous side effects of ingesting the wrong medicine, any steps you take to verify your prescription may help you avoid a bad outcome.