Having to go to the emergency room is stressful, and the last thing someone wants to think about is a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional making an error that causes the person to become even more ill. There are ways to recoup damages when this occurs, however, it usually comes at a great physical and emotional cost to the person who is sick.

What are some examples of emergency room medical negligence in Pennsylvania?

Administering incorrect medication

ERs are very fast-paced and the people who work in them are usually caring for multiple patients at the same time. While there are protocols in place to prevent healthcare professionals from giving patients the wrong medication, there is still room for human error. For example, a nurse could grab the wrong medicine from their supply, or misread the dosage that a patient requires. Though these mistakes are rare, depending on the medication in question, these errors can potentially be fatal.

Not handling a crisis in time

When there are many patients and only a few staff members, it is inevitable that patients might have to wait to receive care. However, it goes into negligence territory when a healthcare worker fails to respond to a patient even when they are available. Most medical emergencies become less treatable as more time passes, so it is essential that patients get care as soon as possible.

Knowing some of the signs of emergency room medical negligence allows families to advocate for their loved ones while in the ER.