Moving a loved one into a nursing home is often a difficult but necessary decision when caring for an elderly family member becomes beyond your capabilities.

While you put your trust in the nursing home to provide necessary care, you also trust that your loved one will be safe in the facility. If you suspect that your loved one is experiencing neglect in a nursing home, there are signs to look for.

Lack of cleanliness and hygiene

Whenever you visit the nursing home, pay attention to the overall cleanliness of the facility, both in the common areas and your loved one’s room. Look for clean floors, clean bedsheets and clean bathrooms. Also, pay attention to the personal hygiene of your loved one and other residents. If you notice a decline in the hygiene of your loved one and a lack of proper care for the facility, neglect may be occurring.

Deterioration of health

As people age, health and mobility decline. You would probably not put a family member in a nursing home unless something like that was happening. However, if you notice a sharp decline in their health conditions, new conditions like bed sores or a worrisome decrease in their mobility after moving them into a nursing home, the nursing home staff may not be faithfully performing their duties of care.

Elderly people become less steady on their feet, and falls are not uncommon. However, if your loved one begins to experience a disturbing number of repeated falls in the nursing home, they are likely suffering from neglect. A nursing home should know to assess their fall risk and take steps to prevent falls from happening.