A serious injury or illness could land you in the hospital. You may even require surgery. With time and proper treatment, your doctors are optimistic you can make a recovery. Unfortunately, some surgery patients suffer further injury by falling while still in the hospital.

Depending on the circumstances, the hospital may bear responsibility for a fall due to negligence. One way hospital doctors may help you avoid falls after surgery is to give you a proper recovery plan.

Become mobile when possible

WebMD explains that you may feel nervous about getting out of bed following your operation. Your doctor should let you know when you are clear to start moving. Staying in bed for too long runs the risk of health problems, including blood clots and bedsores. Your muscles can also weaken, which can increase the risk of falling if you do try to get up.

Refrain from excessive activity

You do not want to become too active before you are ready. Your doctor should tell you the kinds of physical actions you can attempt at certain thresholds. For instance, at first, you may take short walks but not use the stairs. Further improvement can enable you to exert yourself more without risk of injury.

Learn about side effects of medicine

Part of your recovery will likely involve taking medicine, particularly to fight pain after the surgery. Your physician should inform you of any side effects since some medications can cause drowsiness and increase fall risks. You should know when to take the medicine and how long to wait before trying any activity.

In general, asking your doctor any questions concerning your recovery could make a difference. Still, whoever treats you should not subject you to unnecessary injury risks while you regain your health.