Nursing home residents are often vulnerable and in need of constant care. Unfortunately, many nursing homes in the state fail to provide the necessary level of care and safety, leading to neglect and abuse of residents.

The Long Term Care Community Coalition has reported that several nursing homes in the state historically have not met staffing and safety requirements of federal and state law. These oversights can lead to several aspects of negligence.

1. Medication errors

Medication errors can happen when a resident receives the wrong medication, the wrong dose of medication or medication at the wrong time of day. Such errors can lead to serious health problems or even death.

2. Neglect and mistreatment

Neglect occurs when a resident is not given the proper care, such as regular bathing or dressing, or when a resident does not receive enough food or water. Neglect can also occur when a resident lies in a soiled bed or is not provided with a clean and safe environment.

3. Physical abuse

Physical abuse is a serious form of nursing home neglect. This can involve the use of excessive force or restraints. Sometimes it may include hitting, pushing or shoving a resident. Physical abuse can also involve sexual assault and inappropriate touching.

4. Financial exploitation

A growing problem in Pennsylvania nursing homes is financial exploitation. This can occur when a nursing home staff member takes advantage of a resident’s financial situation, such as by stealing money or misusing a resident’s credit card.

It is important to be vigilant and report any instances of negligence or abuse to the appropriate authorities. With the right support and advocacy, nursing home residents can receive the care and safety they deserve.