When going through a long hospital stay, the last thing you need is an accident that makes you feel worse. Serious patient falls are something that Washington hospitals do not like talking about, but they happen all the time. When elderly or vulnerable hospital patients slip and fall, they are at risk of brain injuries, broken hips and other long-term trauma.

Marzella & Associates is here to help you if you or a loved one suffered a fall while in the hospital or a long-term care facility in central or western Pennsylvania. Our attorneys have a track record of successful medical malpractice litigation stretching back a combined 30 years. We care about people who put their trust in medical professionals, only to be hurt due to neglect or an avoidable mistake.

Statistics On Nursing Home Falls

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, around 1.6 million nursing home residents experience falls per year, as well as up to 1 million hospitalized patients. One in three of these falls cause serious injury. Patients and nursing home residents often have trouble with strength, coordination and balance. They depend on hospital staff to keep them safe when getting in and out of bed, using the toilet and walking the hallways.

Despite training and policies to protect patients from falls, they still happen. Many times, patients fall because the nurse or orderly who was supposed to support them did their job improperly. At , we will help you pick up the pieces and fight for just compensation from the hospital or care facility that negligently harmed you or your relative. Your pain and suffering, medical bills and other damages deserve to be paid by those who injured you, not you and your family.

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